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BAWN’s Day of Education 2014 – A Re-Cap

In case you missed it and I’m sorry if you did.  Here is a re-cap of BAWN’s Day of Education 2014 featuring Alan Berg, CPS.

It’s was a packed day we began with an hour of networking some time to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  Then the first of three topics by our featured speaker Alan Berg, CSP (

Bride's Buying Signals - Close More Sales In this session Alan addressed one of the most requested topics … closing the sale. If you don’t close the sale there’s no food to cook, dresses to sew, images to capture, flowers to arrange, music to play, weddings to coordinate… you get the idea.

After a short break Alan moved to his next topic.  Make Them Love You - Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience.  The customer experience starts before the sale, actually before you ever get to speak with a prospect. Do you know what it feels like to do business with your company? It costs little, or nothing, to be exceptional and Alan showed us how.

Then a beautiful lunch after which I explained how and why BAWN is re-booting.  Check back soon we will have video on our ABOUT page with the details.

Alan’s third topic:  How To Be The Experienced Wedding Pro Without Sounding Old.  In the 24+ years Alan’s been in the wedding industry, brides have only gotten 4 years older. While that’s not fair, it is reality. So, how does a wedding pro stay current and relevant? How do you showcase your more extensive experience without sounding like her mother or father?

After a final break we moved to our amazing panel.    The panel was comprised of Sergio Finetto, designer8* Event Furniture Rental, Kathy Newby, The Stuart Rental Company, Kate Patay, CPEC, Creative Coverings and Megan Woods, Enhanced Lighting & Sound, that’s a lot of talent in once place.  This dynamic quartet tackled the question: Are we setting the trends or just following?  Understanding what is available and what we just have to make ourselves. 

I am deeply grateful to our BAWN Event Partners for making this event possible.  Companies who give back to our industry should be rewarded by your support.  Next time you are looking for a referral for a client please consider the list below.


Alan Berg

Décor - A/V


Blue Heron Catering

Décor - Linens

Creative Coverings


Guild Hall at Piedmont Community Church


MetMedia Films


Michelle Walker Photography

Décor - Rentals

The Stuart Rental Company


Today's Bride

The BAWN events are back!  I’m so please by the response and energized to create more wonderful opportunities like BAWN’s Day of Education 2014 featuring Alan Berg, CPS for all of us to share.  If you are interested in helping, please let me know I can use all the help I can get bringing networking, education and fellowship to our Bay Area wedding community.

Hope to connect with you very soon, Gwen;