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By Gwen Helbush, cwc

 We are seeking content for the BAWN Blog for 2015. The BAWN Blog is meant to further our networking and to provide our wedding community education.

We are seeking articles focused on what you do with an emphasis on educating the readers. To help our wedding community understand each other better.  Why what you do matters to them and their clients. Also what you need from them to be successful.  You will get credit and a link to your website, but this is not intended to be about your company.

Below are a few areas we are hoping to cover but we are not limited by them. Feel free to submit topics that interest you; we are happy to consider them.

Possible topics:

  • Teaching moments – Things pros need to know about what you do or things you learned the hard way
  • Newsworthy – Items not necessarily industry specific but that may affect us
  • Giving Back (nice things people in our community do)

Please submit content in a Word document and photos in JPEG please email to,  I know you all have a lot to say but if writing is not your thing, call me (510-795-9072 ext 111), let’s discuss your topic maybe we can get it on paper for you.

Thank I hope to hear from you soon! Gwen