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By Kate Patay
Executive Director of Sales & Marketing
Creative Coverings

Classic…Creative…Confident! From off the runway to décor and event trends, 2014 style will be encouraging and expressive. From balancing soft color palettes with vivid bright hues to combining technology with tradition, this coming season is looking innovative and inspirational for weddings and events! 


The Pantone Fashion Color Report for spring/summer 2014 is reporting a “season of colorful equilibrium” with soft pastels and vibrant color hues such as Placid Blue, a calming sky blue; Violet Tulip, a vintage, romantic purple; Hemlock, a minty shade of green; Cayenne, a spicy red/orange hue; Freesia, an energetic, tropical yellow; Celosia Orange, a vibrant tangerine; Dazzling Blue, a brilliant cobalt blue; and Radiant Orchid, a creative mix of fuchsia, purple and pink (and, Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year)! Also, black and white was a favorite color trend off the runway with numerous fashion designers and their 2014 Spring Collections so expect to see this trend moving forward. (See color chart image)




With various shades of purple reemerging in fashion and home décor this past year, as well as the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, recently being announced, shades of purple are already taking notice on the red carpet and will be trending in wedding and event décor this coming year and into 2015!


When considering purple for an event or wedding it is important to know how the various shades of purple will affect the mood of the event. Lighter shades like Lavender and Lilac are more feminine and sensitive, thus, creating a mood of romance, glamour or nostalgia.On the darker side, Plum and deep Purples are more honorable and powerful tones. These hues relate to nobility or family traditions, as well as arrogance. Using these darker shades can create an impression of magic, fantasy or extravagance! Lush fabrics like velvet or dipped fringe and lighting elements can certainly invoke this mood.


When planning a wedding, opt to use different shades of purple or to pair with other complimentary colors. Too much purple can actually create a sense of depression for some. Incorporate purple shades into floral arrangements, table décor, and cake or candy stations. Consider pairing a shade of purple with silver, yellow, or mint tones. “Purple has been a favorite color choice for our clients throughout the years,” says Kate Patay, Executive Director of Sales for Creative Coverings. “I love the romantic shades trending this year and how they are being paired with everything from glitzy gold and silver to soft neutral tones like blush and champagne!”


Blue IS the new Black! When the leading color authorities predicted over a year ago that shades of blue would be a staple moving in to 2013/14 they were spot on! It is now dominating off the fashion runway and the red carpet to home décor and event design! In fact, two of the top ten Spring color trends are a light Placid Blue and a brighter Dazzling Blue.


When considering blue for an event or wedding think about what blue represents but also how the variations of the color blue will affect the mood of the event. No matter the shade though, remember that blue creates a relaxing environment so guests will feel happy and content. On the lighter side of the spectrum pale, sky, or azure blues are associated with health, healing, creativity, and tranquility. Consider how you feel when you look up at a beautiful clear blue sky or voyage across the crystal blue sea! Light blues can be paired with so many color variations from neutrals to bright schemes. Navy or midnight blue, on the other hand, is non-emotional and more masculine or serious, representing knowledge and power. Pairing dark blue with lighter color variations can soften the tone of the event; however, if planning a corporate event a more serious or orderly tone can be generated by utilizing navy or midnight blue with deeper, richer colors.


From New York to Paris, black and white was a favorite color trend off the runway with fashion designers and their Spring 2014 collections. From bold stripes and geometrics to classic polka dots and retro Houndstooth prints, the black and white trend will be hot in fashion and in events. Black and white will have staying power for weddings, even in wedding gowns, such as the collection recently launched by Vera Wang!


Black and white for events or weddings can create a formal, chic, or even playful environment. A formal event might incorporate red or gold accents in the décor; for a chic look, perhaps silver, champagne or blush accents. Use brighter, bold colors as accent décor, alongside a mix of black and white prints, such as stripes and polka dots, to create a retro-themed vibe.


A timeless and classic look can be achieved by using neutral tones such as blush, champagne and silver. From simple to glam, this look can be achieved utilizing these trending neutral colors and accessorizing with fabulous fabrics or lavish décor elements. For weddings, brides are opting to marry these neutral tones with muted pastels like a buttery yellow, minty green, or a dewy peach to pop some color but still keep the overall theme subtle and stylish! 


Sequins, fringe, velvets, and floral tapestries can be blended and layered elegantly to create a glam appeal. Accent pieces like pearls and crystals will enhance the design and can create a look that radiates opulence. When creating a fabulous table design utilizing neutral tones think about a bridal or evening gown and all of the accessories you can imagine from head to toe that could make the final look stylish and stunning. Imagine the dress as the table cloth, the bouquet as the centerpiece and the jewels or other accessories as the table décor.