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Why BAWN’s Day of Education 2014 featuring Alan Berg, CSP?

Do you have time for a full day of education?  The better question is can you afford not to take the time?

As you know there are many great annual conferences for the event industry, but taking 3-5 days plus the cost of travel makes them an investment we can’t always make.  We should, we know we should but it’s difficult for a lot of reasons.

When I was thinking about how to re-boot BAWN it occurred to me that a full day of education would be a great way to start.  One day to catch up with our bay area wedding community, get our minds out of the everyday of our work and businesses and maybe learn something new.  Thus BAWN’s Day of Education 2014 was born.

It’s going to be a jam packed day we begin at 9:30 am with coffee and breakfast treats an hour to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  Then we begin with the first of three topics by our featured speaker Alan Berg, CSP (  Alan will begin by presenting: 

 In this session Alan will address one of the most requested topics he hears from businesses across the country, and around the world… closing the sale. If you don’t close the sale there’s no food to cook, dresses to sew, images to capture, flowers to arrange, music to play, weddings to coordinate… you get the idea.  You can do everything else well (marketing, social networking, advertising, websites, conversion, SEO and ROI), but you still have to take that final step and close the sale. Love it or hate it sales is an integral part of your wedding business.

After a short break Alan will move to his next topic.

Make Them Love You - Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience.  The customer experience starts before the sale, actually before you ever get to speak with a prospect. You don’t get to give great customer service until after the sale. Do you know what it feels like to do business with your company? It costs little, or nothing, to be exceptional and Alan will show you how.

We will break for a delicious lunch provided by our partners at Blue Heron Catering, immediately following lunch we will have a short BAWN update

Then Alan is back with:

How To Be The Experienced Wedding Pro Without Sounding Old.  In the 24+ years Alan’s been in the wedding industry, brides have only gotten 4 years older. While that’s not fair, it is reality. So, how does a wedding pro stay current and relevant? How do you showcase your more extensive experience without sounding like her mother or father?

After that a short break for some dessert and coffee and then we move to our panel of amazing vendor partners. 

The panel comprised of Sergio Finetto, designer8* Event Furniture Rental, Kathy Newby, The Stuart Rental Company, Kate Patay, CPEC, Creative Coverings and Megan Woods, Enhanced Lighting & Sound, that’s a lot of talent in once place.  This dynamic quartet will tackle a question that needs a good answer: Are we setting the trends or just following?  Understanding what is available and what we just have to make ourselves.     

By 4:30 we will send you off with a head spinning with new knowledge, a full heart and great excitement about the Re-booted BAWN!

I can’t wait to see you October 22nd, be sure to register soon space is limited! Just go to the BAWN event tab and follow the link.


xoxo, Gwen