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Ready To Take The Plunge…As A Business Owner?

Hello again beloved colleagues;

We have reached the last of the questions, comments, etc. that I received through my request for topics on Facebook.  I’m happy and eager for more. If you have burning questions or topics, please email or call me.  Here goes:

“How will I know when I’m ready to start and run my own wedding business?”

 I have to admit this one stumped me for a while, which is why it’s last.  I took some time to think about it and asked friends who run business both in and out of our wedding community.

For me, it was an easy decision and transition. I spent some time chatted with other business owners, and I found for some it was not as easy and still others had to fail spectacularly to succeed.

Making the leap: I didn’t enjoy being stifled by doing things the way my employer wanted them done and when they wanted them done.  I enjoyed the people I worked with, but the corporate politics thing got to me.

I was lucky it was the early 90’s entrepreneurship was the new black.  Starting a business then was, to say the least, simple.  I had my bumps in the road, in the beginning I was a little too trusting, and some clients took advantage, I consider that my MBA in what not to do.

For me, the day to day running of the business has never been an issue.  Learning to choose my clients more wisely and trusting my gut took some time but once I did I have enjoyed working for myself for 25 years enormously. 

While chatting with my business owner friends the answer to the question how will you know?  Well, the real answer is you won’t, not know for certain; it is a leap of faith.  I would never tell anyone not to follow their dreams I will caution be sure your dream is to run a business. 

Owning a business is HARD WORK, it requires doing things you don’t enjoy most of the time so you can do what you love some of the time.  Yes, you have more freedom and the power to make decisions and ALL the responsibility.  Everyone who works for you or with you and your clients you have to be responsive to all their needs. 

There are no sick days and most likely few vacations the buck stops and starts with you.  Some of us thrive under that kind of pressure, as one of my friends puts it "the pressure of being a small business owner should make diamonds".

If you thrive under pressure, if you are willing to do the tedious and sometimes maddening work of running a business all so you can spend a little time doing what you love.

Our Wedding Community is made up of mostly small businesses.  We celebrate creativity, independence, and entrepreneurship. We welcome the innovators and the eccentrics.  We don't tolerate sloppy work or poor business practices but if you are willing to work hard, we are prepared to help you.

The truth is you will never be ready, none of us were because there is no way to be.  If you are willing to work harder and longer than you ever have before.  If you can live on less money than you are making now with no benefits for at least 3-5 years. Then take the leap and join us in the pool of business ownership the water is lovely.