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Your Business 2.0: 3 Ways You Can Leverage Technology to Upgrade Your Event Business

By Leslie Wong, CMP, Director of Community, Partnerships & Events for HoneyBook. @HoneyBook

Streamline your processes. Just 24 little hours in the day, and so much to accomplish for your business and your clients. Although cloning might not be a viable option for everyone, we can utilize tech tools to simplify a lot of what we do. One of my favorite tools to streamline project management is Trello, a free app that allows you to work collaboratively on tasks within your team. This is great to manage tasks remotely with associates or interns. Plus, the mobile app is pretty and easy to use. Another great, free app is Todoist, which you can use to plan out a daily or weekly agenda. I like this app because there is virtually zero learning curve and the design is simple and uncluttered — just how we want our lives to be.

Enhance your brand. The way your brand is portrayed online says a lot about your business. Is your brand beautiful and delightful to work with? With the popular adoption of apps like Pinterest and Airbnb, clients are conditioned to look for good web design and branding elements. Having a website that is as easy to navigate and as beautifully designed as the sites your target clients frequent instills confidence that you are a relevant, thoughtful brand. See VentureBeat’s 2014 list of most beautifully design apps for inspiration. If you’re itching to elevate your brand and willing to put in a little elbow grease, there are simple tools to get started such as Wix and Squarespace — both sites that offer a curated selection of gorgeous, completely customizable options.

Make finding (and booking!) you easy. Don’t let your business become a proverbial “needle in a haystack.” Leverage free ways to get you ranked higher in web searches and drive word of mouth at the same time. Blogging does a lot more than show clients your personality and work. By making a few tweaks to the titles of your blog posts, URL and content, you make yourself stand out in an organic fashion during their search. Honeybook has a great article that dives deeper into SEO tips. A fantastic way to drive SEO and encourage sharability is to write useful content and post it not only to your blog but also to LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Twitter. Have an event that you expertly pulled off with a defunct generator and high winds? Turn it into a case study (with a positive spin), post to your blog and share. Once your clients have found you and fallen in love, make booking easy by sending proposals they can view on their mobile devices, plus options to sign electronically and pay online.

I hope I’ve given you ways to leverage technology to enhance your workflow and brand while offering your clients the seamless and beautiful experience they’re accustomed to in other experiences on the Internet.