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Let’s give them something to talk about!

By Gwen Helbush, cwc Where To Start, Wedding Management

Hello again my beloved colleagues!  Recently I’ve noticed that there are many groups popping up on Facebook, LinkedIn and other places where interesting questions get asked and answered.  I can’t say I always agree with the answers and I will not lie some of the questions seen ill advised to be asked in public but I do find the different perspectives interesting and sometimes refreshing.  I have also noticed some very good and supportive conversation and regrettably some unnecessarily harsh ones.

When we started BAWN over 15 years ago we were very careful to be inclusive and accepting of everyone’s opinions and perspectives.  The point of BAWN then and now is to be a safe places for people to talk about the business of weddings and to learn from each other to make the expectance for clients the best it can be. 

As important as that is; for me the thing that is at least equally important is that we support each other in making our businesses successful, that we be colleagues not competitors even if we do the same thing.  

Everyone is busy, we don’t make time to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects.  I get it my time and more importantly my energy is limited but I refuse to believe we can’t find a way for so many amazingly creative and diverse professionals to come together to find common ground to build on.

In February I sent out a survey to see what topics you might be interested in talking about.  Not as many replied as I hoped but those that did provided some great feedback.  To those who replied thank you very much!

The following are 4 of the 5 questions I asked in the survey in the order you ranked them.  I removed the questions about Business Tools for Wedding Pros, survey results as I have already given you those results.

  1. Are you doing too much uncompensated work?
  2. What are you looking for at Networking Events?
  3. How can wedding pros really help each other?
  4. What do you wish clients knew before they call you?

I also asked, what other topics do you want to discuss?  The following is some of the respondent replies:

  • How to work with vendors to create a "package" for clients
  • Getting more referrals from other wedding professionals
  • How to close a sale. How to price to be competitive.
  • How to continually get new clients.
  • How to discuss budget/costs with clients
  • Understand the difference between a venue coordinator & a wedding planner.
  • How to stand out in a changing market without compromising your standards, integrity and of course price?
  • Industry Trends, Marketing, other ways to generate income from business, working smarter, not harder, how we can educate the bride.  Pricing

All good topics for sure and we will get to them over time.  One of the things I have noticed from our survey, the groups and conversation I’ve had lately with some of you is that we have much more in common as businesses than we do differences.  Yes we may do different things but at the core we all need the same information from the client, we have to know what everyone else is doing, we have to order things, rent things, run a business and we have to do all that and make a profit.  Because whether we own the business or we work for some else if we don’t make a profit we will be out of business or a job.

Since we are all in the same boat, the way I see it all we need to do to get where we want to be is row together.

Let’s start the conversation, I’d like your help all I want you to do is pick one topic it can be one listed above or anything else you want to talk about and write 3 – 5 questions you have about that topic, send them to me  I will do the research and find someone who can answer the questions.  Then I’ll post the answers here on the blog.

You can do that then we can give them something to talk about!