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By Gwen Helbush, cwc, Where To Start, Wedding Management

Happy Independance Day!!

A few weeks back I posted We Need To Stick Together! I got feedback mostly good but no action.  Until the beautiful and talented Chanda Eddens – Daniels, A Monique Affair Wedding Planning+ Design & Coordination decided we needed a Town Hall Meeting.  So being the tenacious planner that she is she got the ball rolling and once she did UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting was born. 

What is UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting you ask simple it is a candid conversation about our beloved wedding community.  The event will be a safe place to discuss what is on your mind, what confuses you, what irritates you and yes what you love about being a part of the wedding community.  We want you to come with an open heart and mind, prepared to talk about what is really on your mind.

I’m extremely honored to be hosting this event with Chanda, Barbara Jaqueline Photography, The Sir Francis Drake Hotel and Today’s Bride SF.  

We really need this!  Our wedding community is getting fatigued and fractured this will be an opportunity to come together share the load, explore how we can help each other, build the kind of community of wedding professionals we all want but don’t know how to get. 

I encourage you to join us for this event it promises to help us all be better and do better for ourselves, our clients and each other.  We want you all there but space is limited so registered now. 

This is a hosted event however registration is required to attend.  Please click here to register

I look forward to seeing you there.  Xoxo, Gwen

Details can also be found on our events page.