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A Little Rant

By Gwen Helbush, Where To Start, Wedding Management

I am about to do something I rarely do on this Blog I am going to rant.  I need to respond to some things that have been accumulating for a while from many places it hit critical mass hence the rant. 

Producing events for our colleagues is a labor of love.  Contrary to the opinions of some creating an event like UnStyled, our BAWN events, association events like those provided by ISES, WIPA, MPI, NACE or any other group are difficult to do.  Anyone who takes the time and enormous effort to create opportunities for colleagues to network, learn and grow; should be commended not criticized.

Everyone I know who works at industry events is a volunteer. They are not compensated they do it out of kindness, to learn new things and a desire to do good for the community we love.

Whether people pay to attend or not an event costs money to produce.  These events especially the complimentary events are lucky to break even, and it is a miracle if they make even a small profit.  So comments about there being "budgets" to pull from or that sponsors should cover all the cost is insulting.

I wonder? Would these same people be willing to provide thousands of dollars of product and services for a client's wedding without compensations?  My guess no they would not.  So why do they think everyone else should for them.

It hurts to know that there are people working in the hospitality industry who do not value the time, effort and yes money that goes into producing these experiences.  That they feel entitled to participate but see no reason to contribute and worse, they feel comfortable criticizing those creating the events.

What set me off on this little rant is the painful reality that there are those among us who feel they have a right to criticize. They believe they should be given the opportunity to network and learn without contributing in any way.  That somehow the mere gift of their presence should be worth all the time, effort and money it takes to produce an industry event.

I do my best to find the positive in any situation I believe deeply in the power of the good we do by creating events for our colleagues.  Ungrateful people who criticize others I cannot find the good in that. All I can do is send blessings to the universe for those people.  End Rant.

Post Script: The criticisms I refer to in my rant were not unique nor specific to the UnStyled event.  They have been accumulating for a while from many places some to me directly some shared with me by others.  I will not dignify the unkind and often unjust comments by repeating them here. Thanks, Gwen