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UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting – Re-Cap



I am proud BAWN participated as a host for UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting.  Over 100 of our wedding community colleagues descended on the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, last Wednesday for a candid conversation.  Everyone came with open hearts and minds.

The evening began with networking, catching up with old friends, making new ones and tours of the exquisitely renovated hotel.

The large group then broke into six smaller groups each with a particular question or topic to discuss. The groups then spent an hour talking the goal to make a list of up to six ideas or issues to be considered by the larger group.

After a short break, we came back together to talk about as many of the things on each groups lists as we could.  We have such great stuff we only made it though the first thing from each list before we had to move on.

Although the groups had different topics, a few things came through in all the discussions; the need for communication, respect for each other and to honor each others role on the wedding day.

Next our friend and co-host Cristine Thomas, Today's Bride, polled the group to see how we felt about her adding a budget manager to the magazine and website.  Cristine believes a budget manager using bay area realistic percentages will help educate bay area engaged couple and that education will help us all.  

We wrapped up with what to do next.  No one definitive direction came to the surface.  However, many ideas surfaced, during the discussion, after the event and over the subsequent days via email.  I will consider some for BAWN and Chanda will do the same for UnStyled.

Chanda sent a survey to those who attended for their feedback on UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting, if you attended, please complete the survey as soon as possible.

All in all, it was a great night.   If you were with us thanks for coming if not, you were missed.

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UnStyled: Wedding Town Hall Meeting was only possible due to the generosity of the following:

Hosted By:
Chanda Monique Eddens-Daniels, A Monique Affair
Mariell Rahmani, Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Barbara Yasuhara, Barbara Jaqueline Studios
Gwen Helbush, BAWN: Bay Area Wedding Network
Kalena Jackson, Kalena Marie Events
Diana Cardenas, Napa Valley Linen
Our Friends at PSAV
Cristine Thomas, Today's Bride