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It’s not rocket science it a price quote!

Gwen Helbush, Where To Start, Wedding Management

Weddings are a team business none of us can create wonderful weddings for our clients alone.  The greatest benefit of working in our wedding community is we have each other’s backs.  Lately, I have not been feeling the love, and I’m puzzled, so asked some friends and apparently I’m not alone.  We do everything possible to provide as much information as we have available when requesting a quote or proposal but lately, what we have been getting in return is well to put it nicely rubbish.

It is 2016; there are smartphones, IPads, laptops, desktops and who knows what other electronic devices available.  So can you tell me why I keep getting proposals, quotes and contracts that look like a kindergartener did them just before nap time?  Also, why does it take two weeks to get anything?

I’m not asking for the great American novel just a price quote or proposal for services; you know a price for the things you do for a living!  Why has it become so difficult to get a clear, complete and reasonability legible proposal?

When asked this question directly the most common answer, wait for it, “I don’t have time.”  Be honest you knew that was going to be the answer didn't you.  Seriously the “I don’t have time” excuse.  Well, if you don’t have time, and you don't have anyone else who can do a simple price quote I guess you don’t have time to do the actual work either, so let me find someone who DOSE have time.  UGH!

The next most common answer “I don’t understand what you mean, what’s wrong with it?”  Well, my friend let’s start with you didn’t put your company name, address, phone number or any way for me to contact you.  Then let’s look at the math that doesn’t add up correctly and end with, I asked for a line item quote not just a lump sum with no explanation of what it included in the price.   For example.

Finally, my favorite “The “girl” in my office was supposed to send it to you.  She is off until Friday I’ll have her do it then.”  No, I’m not kidding that happened yesterday and not for the first time lately.  Ok, they were not all “girls” but passing the buck that seems big now.

I understand being busy if you are that busy congratulation I’m happy for you!  Just tell me you have too much work, and I’ll move on.  I think most of us would be okay with that.  Ignoring us or sending incomplete and poor quality information to present to our clients. That is simply unacceptable. 

Giving us poor quality quotes and proposals is not having our backs.  There are so many ways to streamline and automate the proposal process available. Yes, some cost money but most don’t.  I’ll cover those next time.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve the proposal process. Send me an email at; I’ll include as many as possible in the next post.