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Credit Card Surcharges – Are you doing it right?

Gwen Helbush, Where To Start, Wedding Management

Basic business practices seem to be getting lost in our wedding community lately; first, it was quoted and now it is credit card surcharges.  In the past few weeks, I have found incorrect uses of surcharges in contracts, and I was asked to pay a 5% upcharge to use my credit card to pay for a booth at a wedding fare. 

Ladies and Gentleman of the wedding community pay attention! If you own and run a business, you need to run that business by the law of the land; if you don't know the law that applies it is the time you FIND OUT!

If you are doing business in California you should be aware this  State of California

For the record this is NOT my area of expertise; I have included a post I found on Can my business add a surcharge for card-paying customers?  I think it covers the topic well.  I also strongly recommend you carefully read the agreement with your credit card processing company to ensure your surcharge policies do not violate your agreement with them. 

The cost of doing business in the Bay area is high; it is legitimate and necessary to cover all your expenses in your fees to clients, however, be sure that you are doing it properly not just easily.

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