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I’d love to see your beautiful faces!

Gwen Helbush, Where To Start, Wedding Management

The internet, social media and all the incredible technology that make our jobs easier also separate us.  I was thinking about it last week, other than my colleagues I am currently working with on weddings I haven’t seen any of you in months some of you years.  I miss you!!

I know we are all crazy busy and wedding season is overtaking everything.  Stop for a minute, think wouldn’t it be nice to have just a few hours to slow down, talk face to face with great people about what you are working on, what you might need help with or just to sit and listen to someone else tell you about them.  A conversation with adults who get you, who understand and want to share with you.

Doesn’t that sound nice?  Then come to BAWN's Wedding Community Conversations on Thursday, April 21st, I miss all your beautiful faces, I would love to see you!

First, we will catch up with our friends and make new ones over some excellent wines provided by The Henry Wine Group.  Then we will sit down in small groups to enjoy delectable treats from the chefs at Pampas Palo Alto.  As we nibble, we will have the opportunity for intimate conversations with wedding community peers. 

Topics will be provided to get things started.  What would make the opportunity more valuable is you coming prepared with a few questions, issues or pet peeves causing you stress.  This day is a golden opportunity to share your struggles with people who "GET IT."

I can't wait to see you! xoxo Gwen

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Please Note: Parking in Palo Alto can be challenging, street parking is 2 hours (then you have to move your car), the city parking garages are free but limited to 3 hours.  Cal Train is across the street from Pampas.  If you don’t have easy access to Cal Train, but do to BART, take BART to the Millbrae station then transfer to Cal Train south to the Palo Alto Station.  Carpooling will help; public transit will be less stressful.