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Success Is No Accident!

 By Gwen Helbush, cwc, Where To Start, Wedding Management

However, you define success, attaining it does not happen by accident.  Many of our more established colleagues, myself included.  We are often asked what we did to create a successful business.  How can they do the same?  I polled a few of my friends, the following is what I found.


How did you create you successful wedding business?  To a person they said you WORK FOR IT!

Can you clarify what you mean?  For this each gave a slightly different answer but when compared the answers were virtually the same.  There are no quick or easy paths to success, if you want to be successful you have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of building your business or career.

What kind of hard work?  We meet with suppliers, we read, go to conferences, trade shows, webinars, take classes, go to fashion shows, museums, showrooms.  We learned how to run a business, created processes, and systems for our businesses through trial and error.  We failed, then got up and kept going. We do all of this to serve our clients.

You hear a lot that generational differences can block success, do you agree?  Again to a person they said no! Blaming lack of success on generational differences is a cop out.  It does not matter if you are a Baby Boomer, a Gen X, a Millennial or a partridge in a pair tree.  If you want to be successful, then be successful by working for it.

Are you willing to help others be successful?  Yes we are happy to answer questions, help to solve business or event-related problems. 

After my chat with my group of friends I’m comfortable saying their behalf we are happy to assist you should you find yourself in a pickle. What none of us are willing to do is enable laziness.  The thing we can’t tolerate is having our time taken up by those seeking solutions they can find themselves, but don’t. 

For the record I believe in you I know you can be successful!  Just take a deep breath and start working before you know it people will be asking you how you got so successful.

xoxo, Gwen